X-Treme MP3 Player v2

XML MP3 Player / Playlist MP3 Player / Audio Player v2


  • No Flash Knowledge required to insert the player SWF inside the HTML page(s) of your site
  • Fully customizable XML driven content and layout
  • Unlimited number of albums / artists support
  • Unlimited number of songs per album / artist support
  • It includes three player layout modes
  • It includes three Sound Spectrum models
  • Play / Pause / Stop Buttons
  • Volume Button / Volume Bar / Seek Bar
  • Previous / Next Buttons
  • Show / Hide Playlist Button
  • Repeat / Shuffle Buttons
  • Elapsed Time and Total Duration
  • Artist / Song title / Song Thumbnail
  • Navigation Buttons Tooltip support
  • Available WordPress plugin
  • Optionally set the XML settings file path in HTML using FlashVars

Opens with Flash CS3, Flash CS4, Flash CS5 or higher ( ActionScript 3.0 / AS3 ). Readme file and comments inside the xml file included in the package.

All Files Package

Personal License

Use the product in ONE SINGLE NON-COMMERCIAL project ( website or other multimedia project not generating income ), your personal work or work for a client. You may not redistribute / resell the product, without the FlashTuning.net written permission, but you may modify its content.

Commercial License

Use the product in ONE SINGLE COMMERCIAL project (website, CD-ROM, offline presentation etc), your personal work or work for a client. You may not redistribute / resell the product, without the FlashTuning.net written permission, but you may modify its content.

Extended License

Use the product in MULTIPLE COMMERCIAL / NON-COMMERCIAL projects (websites, CD-ROMs, offline presentations etc), your personal work and work for a client. You may not redistribute / resell the product, without the FlashTuning.net written permission, but you may modify its content.



  1. js

    download, activated, inserted tag but all I have is a white box on the page. How do I get this to work?

  2. Richard

    I’ve just purchased the Xtreme MP3 Player V2, uploaded it to **/wp-content/plugins/** directory and it does not show up in WordPress Plugins to activate.

  3. Tim Reeves

    This is a great mp-3 player looks really cool to. I had no trouble installing got it on first try! Is it possible to embed this on my index.php (home page) I tried to use the function mentioned above…xtremeMP3PlayerV2Echo(width,height,’content.xml’)
    but it did not work just the text appeared not the player. Or is it possible to use as a widget? It is good now I just have a dedicated page for it for now. LOOKS GREAT!! oh wait a minute above am i supposed to replace “content.xml” with the actual code in the folder? I just tried to use the line as it appeared above.
    Once I get it in my readers WILL LOVE THIS….. WICKED CODING GUYS GREAT JOB 🙂

    • Flashtuning

      If the shortcode works, the function should work too. You should replace width and height with some values ( xtremeMP3PlayerV2Echo(260,350,’content.xml’) ), just in case you didn’t do that. Also if you rename the content.xml, change that too, if not let it as it is.

      • Tim Reeves

        does not work, just the text shows up not the player. It’s ok I have the player on a dedicated page by itself, looks and works great 🙂

  4. Mike

    How can I put it in the home.php file of my template theme?

    • Flashtuning


      Use the following php function: xtremeMP3PlayerV2Echo(width,height,’content.xml’)

  5. Rick

    I must be missing a step somewhere….I’ve added the the SWF using two methods…the shortcode and the long Object Id in this forum and neither one appears at all on my website.

    When I use the path on a browser the player shows up with the sample content: http://newmusicforboomers.com/wp-content/plugins/x-treme-mp3-player-v2/mp3.swf

    But for the life of me I have no idea why this sample does now show up on my player….am I supposed to be loading the music separately…why can’t I just use the sample free files…

    I went through all these instructions 8 or 9 times and I can get the path to come up and I can see the player but I can’t seem to get it to appear on a page or post at all. I’ve done flash video systems and integrated them with no problem but trying to get this to work…I have no clue.

    Someone help??

    • Flashtuning Support

      Hi Rick,

      Please check your email. Apparently you misplaced the directories.

      FlashTuning Support

  6. matt

    So, I’ve lost the scrollbar somehow. I need to get it back, any suggestions?
    GREAT Plugin by the way!!!!
    Thanks for your wicked coding

    • Flashtuning

      Edit the settings xml file and make sure the autoHide is set to zero for the scroll bar.

  7. ed rhone

    Flashtuning, I have your player on a subpage of my blog when i try to share the url on facebook it has the title of the page but it also puts in all the following code.

    Please install flash player.swfobject.embedSWF htp://edrhonemusic.com/wordpress/wp-content/flashtuning/xtreme-mp3-player-v2/mp3.swf’, ‘xtreme-mp3-player194’, ‘450’, ‘425’, ‘9.0.0’, ” , { content: ‘htp://edrhonemusic.com/wordpress/wp-content/flashtuning/xtreme-mp3-player-v2/xml/content.xml’, {ba…

    Is there anyway to clean this up? thank you.

    • ed rhone

      also.. usually where that code is, is where facebook would place a picture or icon. any help is much appreciated.

      ed@edrhonemusic.com, if i can get this worked out I would gladly buy the full version i really like your player. 🙂

  8. Matthew

    Is there a way to turn off Autoplay? This is good for those of us who wish to conserve bandwidth and not completely annoy the viewer who does not want to hear the music right away.

    • ed rhone

      You need to open that file content.xml and change to .

      • ed rhone

        whoops… settings autoplay=”true” to settings autoplay=”false”

        • Neil

          I’m using this on WordPress. I have changed: settings autoplay=”true” to settings autoplay=”false” but the player still won’t shut up!
          Any suggestions? Thanks.

          • Flashtuning

            Go to the xml folder and edit the content.xml file and set the topmost parameter autoplay=”true” to autoplay=”false” .

          • Neil

            As per my message I have already done that and the player still autoplays. Thanks, Neil.

  9. ed

    Hi there, cool mp3 plug! 🙂

    Got everything set up and was trying to follow your instructions for adding a player to another page. modified and saved the xml per your instructions but the player doesn’t load the content. Are there any other things that need to be done?


    • ed

      Nevermind, I had some bad code in my new content2.xml. All working!!

      • Flashtuning

        We’re glad you’ve figured it out.

  10. Bill Fulbright

    Could you post an example of HOW to write the tag?

    Just using [xtreme-mp3-player-v2] doesn’t cut it.

    do we need to change the tags to or some other code? I am using in WordPress 321, followed instructions, but need to see an example of the code that works in the single.php or sidebar.php.



    • Bill Hood

      I have the same problem. I followed the docs and the player is there complete with the 4 jpg photos, but it does not play the songs. I’d love to see the code if anyone can get this to work on a self-hosted WordPress 3.2.1 site.

      • Bill Hood

        Okay, I got it to work! I just wish that developers would write comprehensive documentation for their work. What should have been state is…

        First you need to create a playlist of all songs in the right order that you want them played. You will need to create a jpg image for each song in your playlist. Once you have all this in order you can proceed to the following steps.

        1. You to put the MP3 that you want to play in the right place, i.e. “http://yoursite.com/wp-content/flashtuning/xtreme-mp3-player-v2/song”

        2. Open the content.xml file that is in the XML folder, i.e.”http://yoursite.com/wp-content/flashtuning/xtreme-mp3-player-v2/xml” in a word processor application.

        3. Look for instances of 1.mp3, 2.mp3, 3.mp3, 4.mp3. You will need to change these numbers to the names of your songs, i.e. All I Want Is My Money Back.mp3 in lieu of 1.mp3.

        4. You can put as many of these as needed for your playlist, i.e. copy and paste the following code…

        <![CDATA[Title 1]]>
        <![CDATA[Artist 1]]>

        Link the mp3 in line 2 – 1.mp3 becomes Aint_No_God_In_Mexico.mp3
        Link the cover art in line 3 images/1.jpg becomes Aint_No_God_In_Mexico.jpg
        Name the song title in line 4 Title 1 becomes Aint_No_God_In_Mexico
        Name the artist in line 5 Artist 1 becomes Billy Joe Shaver

        Hope this helps!

        Bill Hood

      • Flashtuning Support


        I’m glad you figure it out Bill. Indeed you have to place your mp3 files in the songs directory and after that, to open content.xml file and change the src attribute in the file tag for each song with the names of your songs.

        I didn’t put any mp3s in the archive file for keep the size low.

        For point 4. here’s the code:

        <file src="songs/4.mp3" />
        <info albumArt="images/4.jpg"> 
        <title><![CDATA[<font color="#ffffff" size="8"  face="uni 05_53">Title 4</font>]]></title>
        <artist><![CDATA[<font color="#ffffff" size="8"  face="uni 05_53">Artist 4</font>]]></artist>
        <!-- title/artist properties overwrite id3 ones -->
        <!-- if albumArt=="ID3" then the thumb is extracted from the mp3 -->

        FlashTuning Support

  11. zetha

    Hufh,this is not easy to use,must download & i was confused with insert swf,how i can insert this on side bar ?

    • Flashtuning

      There are specific instructions inside the download package. Download and test for freesome demos from the Free Files area.

  12. seth

    Hello !
    Thanks for this great plugin !
    I would like to use it in a widget, how can I do ?

    • Flashtuning

      Have no idea, but if your widget has no restrictions regarding Flash objects you’ll use it should integrate just fine.

  13. Mike

    Where is the link to the wordpress version? It does not come up in a search within wordpress for the free files we need first.


  14. Flashtuning

    Sure, everything is asjutable from a simple to use external xml configuration file.

  15. Lg

    Can i change collors and size of this player?

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