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The HTML/CSS Page Renderer component provides an advanced HTML / CSS page rendering engine for Flash, complete with CSS support and advanced features such as row and column spans.

The component can render all common types of content (text, SWF files, images and Flash library objects) and allows embedding custom fonts and offers advanced text rendering controls.


  • Multiple HTML/CSS page categories definition within XML
  • Support for all common HTML tags and attributes and CSS properties supported by Flash
  • You can define custom pages width/height, border color, border size, border transparency, background color, background transparency, cell spacing, cell padding support
  • It includes automatic Scroll Bar component with horizontal/vertical orientation
  • Optionally set the main XML configuration file path in HTML using FlashVars


All Files Package

Personal License

Use the product in ONE SINGLE NON-COMMERCIAL project ( website or other multimedia project not generating income ), your personal work or work for a client. You may not redistribute / resell the product, without the written permission, but you may modify its content.

Commercial License

Use the product in ONE SINGLE COMMERCIAL project (website, CD-ROM, offline presentation etc), your personal work or work for a client. You may not redistribute / resell the product, without the written permission, but you may modify its content.

Extended License

Use the product in MULTIPLE COMMERCIAL / NON-COMMERCIAL projects (websites, CD-ROMs, offline presentations etc), your personal work and work for a client. You may not redistribute / resell the product, without the written permission, but you may modify its content.



  1. Flashtuning


    All license types includes source code, it is based on html table renderer component and classic scroll bar component.You can download and test for free these two base components from website at:


  2. ephraimt

    1. Does the extended license include AS3 source code?

    2. Will it work as a Class in FlashBuilder?

    3. How much weight in KBytes does the compiled version add to an SWF?

  3. Flashtuning


    You can download nad test for free before buying the base component used in this application named HTML Table Renderer AS3 from the FreeFlashComponents website at:

    Also check the general questions and answers regarding the table renderer in the FAQ area on our site ( question number 23 ).


  4. Gil

    Before purchasing, I have several questions:

    1. Does this component leverage IFrames? Or is all the rendered html pure as3 components?
    2. Is this component compatible with Flex 3?
    3. Do the rendered elements invalidate their layout in case their container’s dimensions changes? (i.e. the same effect that occurs when one resizes their browser window).
    4. Will this component work in a situation where I have a string which contains html text and to render it, I simply set some property (i.e. htmlText) with that string?

  5. ephraim

    Where is the FREE TRIAL version?

    • Flashtuning

      This product has only the online demo like you see in the example.

  6. Mauricio

    It render div’s and “display: inline-block” like CSS’s ?
    Sorry my bad english, I’m a brazilian xD

    • Flashtuning


      Check the link inside the reply to Bas comment on top regarding the HTML Table Renderer product for the exact list of tags and attributes support.


  7. Flashtuning

    Try accessing the table instance in a different way ( it seems that the table is not accessed correctly that’s why you get that error msg ):

    var table = mc.getChildByName("paginaInhoud");

    var table = paginaInhoud.root.table; //-> this seems to not be correct

  8. Bas

    Can anyone reply to my comment form april 7th?

  9. KC


    To render the HTML are you using an iFrame under the covers?

  10. Bas

    Hi, tnx for the reply. I’ll give it another try.
    In the mean time i stubled on another thing.

    i add a table with:

    var paginaInhoud = new FtTableRenderer(); = “paginaInhoud”;
    paginaInhoud.sourceFile = “pages/table.html”;

    then i would like to resize it when the stage size changes:

    this.stage.addEventListener(Event.RESIZE, resizeStageHandlerContent);
    function resizeStageHandlerContent(event:Event):void {
    var table = paginaInhoud.root.table;

    but that gives me the error:

    TypeError: Error #1010: A term is undefined and has no properties.
    at presentatie_fla::MainTimeline/resizeStageHandlerContent()

    i’m stuck, can you help me?

    grt Bas

  11. Bas


    I bought this component and was trying stuff with the embedding swf’s in the html file. The start and stop buttons work, but is it also possible to add more ‘advanced’ functions like restart the movie, skip etc ?
    The reason why i’m asking this is i would like to add a movie to the html file, but i would like more controls the just stop and play.

    2nd: Is it possible to, in some way, add external flv or f4v files the same way? (and perhaps with controls)

    Basicly, is there any solution to add video ?

    • Flashtuning


      Thank you for purchasing the HTML / CSS Page Renderer application.

      You can check question 1 from within the FAQ area regarding SWF to HTML inclusion:

      The application only renders HTML / CSS pages -> note only the html/css tags supported by Flash and additonal tables, tr,td, row and column spans, you can check also the most common questions and answers for the Table Renderer product at:

      Regarding video you can embed an external SWf file having a video player component inside a table cell ( so basically you need to purchase a video player product and include the video SWF inside a cell – td tag).


      • George

        I need a list of useable tags etc. for the html table renderer. Your link redirects to a different page, and I can’t find useful documentation anywhere.

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