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X-Treme Banner Rotator

XML Image Banner Rotator / XML Banner Photo Gallery / XML Banner SlideShow.


  • No Flash Knowledge required to insert the Banner SWF inside the HTML page(s) of your site
  • Fully customizable XML driven content
  • Customizable width, height and item size
  • Unlimited number of images ( JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF ) and SWF support
  • Easy to use XML file for images / titles / descriptions and links
  • View banner images by using the number buttons and left / right end arrow
  • AutoPlay / Previous / Next with global or individual timer for each image
  • Time period adjustable from the XML file (in seconds)
  • Custom Horizontal / Vertical / Matrix orientation support for the navigation buttons
  • Multiple mask transition effects such as Move, Fade, Tile, Radial Fade …
  • Global or individual timer and transition definition for each text paragraph
  • HTML / CSS driven description, text wrapping, font embedding, background and border color / size support
  • Set URL links within the description text or when pressing on individual images
  • Display the items in the order they appear in your XML file or in a random order
  • Optional you can show / hide the navigation buttons and adjust each button position
  • Optionally set the XML settings file path in HTML using FlashVars
  • Full Screen mode support, you can use it as a banner and slidewhow and image gallery

Check out the new Special Transition Templates:

* Expanding Arc Transition 01 ( Template 21 )
* Expanding Arc Transition 02 ( Template 22 )
* Expanding Arc Transition 03 ( Template 23 )
* Expanding Arc Transition 04 ( Template 24 )

Before buying the product download and test the X-Treme Banner Rotator FREE AS3 version. The free banner rotator may have some limitations and don’t include the application source file, but you can easily configure it through the XML file.

NOTE: If you need to integrate the banner rotator with WordPress download the plugin and follow the instructions to install it.

Opens with Flash CS3, Flash CS4, Flash CS5 or higher ( Actionscript 3.0 AS3 ). Readme file and comments inside the xml file included in the package.

All Files Package

Personal License

Use the product in ONE SINGLE NON-COMMERCIAL project ( website or other multimedia project not generating income ), your personal work or work for a client. You may not redistribute / resell the product, without the written permission, but you may modify its content.

Commercial License

Use the product in ONE SINGLE COMMERCIAL project (website, CD-ROM, offline presentation etc), your personal work or work for a client. You may not redistribute / resell the product, without the written permission, but you may modify its content.

Extended License

Use the product in MULTIPLE COMMERCIAL / NON-COMMERCIAL projects (websites, CD-ROMs, offline presentations etc), your personal work and work for a client. You may not redistribute / resell the product, without the written permission, but you may modify its content.



  1. sam Wong

    I have this error too. in the comments it was never explained how to fix it.

    ReferenceError: Error #1065: Variable ft_skin2_Timer is not defined.
    at global/flash.utils::getDefinitionByName()
    at ft_buttonControl/addMovieFromLibrary()
    at ft_buttonControl/initButton()
    at ft_buttonControl/init()
    at ft_banner/initButtons()
    at ft_banner/initBanner()
    at ft_banner/onContentComplete()

    it happen on both safari and fire fox

    • Flashtuning

      If you want to change the button graphics, to avoid any skin variable error, edit the default banner.fla file in Flash / open the library ( CTRL + L ) / open the control box Assets / control Box Skins / default folder and edit any button symbol you need ( and replace the graphics from the stage with your own graphics ). If you like the second skin set, open the second skin fla file in Flash and copy/paste the graphics inside each button clip to each original button clip.

  2. Flashtuning

    FT support always answers emails in the order they are received as soon as we can. You email was sent few hours ago and it’s new but you can check the reply since it was a simple answer.

  3. Sam

    I’m not getting much response from Flashtuning Support so maybe someone out there can answer my questions. I have the paid version and it works fine locally but does not work online. I even uploaded the complete file to the server and tried to open one of the html files and nothing happened. I uploaded another banner rotator and opened one of the html files and that worked. so there is something missing with the Xtreme Banner Rotator AS3. Anyone have a fix for this?

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